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In the meantime play Tyler :)


Tyler is out on a quest to get his bicycle that the Devil stole. Help him by completing each puzzle while unfolding the whole story.

This puzzle game will pit you against hundreds of patterns and shapes. Your objective, find a way to make the given pattern.

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Simply swipe on the tiles to increase their values.

Match them to the required pattern to move to the next level.

No time or move limits. Try all you want and explore all the ways to complete a puzzle.

Why you should play Tyler:
• Challenge your IQ. You’re going to go bald if you keep scratching your hair every time you get stuck on a level! Although, this is not a great point to convince you
• Each level has been handcrafted with excellence and perfection
• You won’t stop laughing. Given that you have a good sense of humor
• Amazing UI. Believe me, you’re going to spend most of your time scrolling through the menu
• It’s FREE!
• Hidden Easter eggs and references. If you don’t find them. You’ll regret it
• Well… Don’t you want to know what happens with Tyler?
• Obviously, you don’t have anything better to do because you’re reading all of this. So just play the damn game
• In the game, you’ll get stuff like lollipop and cupcake. Although you won’t be able to eat it :/

For best experience Play with Music ON.


About Mr. Developer

About a year ago... 
Mr. Developer, of the planet Gallifrey, approached us and asked us if we could bring peace to the people of Earth so that everyone can live together in prosperity and happiness. We said, “Yeah, whatever”.

Today we use cutting-edge technologies to solve daily life problems and make life easier for everyone. We believe that a truly connected world in harmony with nature and technology will solve all of humanity's problems. So we work towards it, one step at a time.

We are a team of 3 and we have been working together for the past 3 years.

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